Professional diagnostics in every home, for any indication

midge medical is the future of diagnostics. We make medical testing available to everyone by bringing it into people’s homes.

We forge a world-class network to connect biochemistry with large scale manufacturing.

Our tests

Antibody and Genetic Testing

Our tests are based on blood and other body fluids. The easy-to-operate diagnostic platform makes it ideal for everyday consumers as well as professionals in out-of-clinic settings.

Antibody tests

We analyze a patient’s blood sample for the presence of a particular antibody. Antibodies are immunoglobulin proteins that the human body produces to fight microscopic invaders such as viruses, bacteria, chemicals and toxins.

Genetic tests

We test body fluids such as saliva or mucus to identify the RNA or DNA of a pathogen. Tests are conducted early, shortly after infection, and before antibodies have developed.

Our testing platform can be easily integrated with telemedicine to ensure doctors supervision whenever necessary.

Genetic tests

Antibody tests



C-reactive protein

Acute respiratory infections, Abx reduction

HIV / Malaria

HIV / Malaria

M. Tuberculosis


Deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, chronic heart failure

Thyroid function (TSH)

Influenza virus
Herpes virus
Sudan virus
Ebola virus
Marburg virus
Human Adenovirus-1
Yellow Fever virus


Acute coronary syndrome

Our SARS-COV-2 genetic test

Instant results and advice directly on a smartphone.

With the midge smartphone app and our affordable custom hardware, we deliver accurate results in minutes. All this without the need for a lab.

Testing for everyone

Because of the lower cost and widespread availability, testing will be readily accessible for medical facility staff, employees, students, travellers and many others. Daily or weekly testing becomes possible, ensuring the protection of colleagues and risk groups.

Anonymised data

Through our specially developed IT platform, we can enable clinics and universities, as well as health authorities and scientists, to access anonymized data.

Test Device

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Michael Diebold Photo

Michael Diebold

CEO & Managing Director

Michael’s belief in integrating the unusual allows him to go beyond borders.

After co-founding meisterwerk ventures, midge medical now benefits from Michael’s integral position as their Inventor and the business’ vision of combining disruptive thinking with unique engineering solutions to found and build companies in the areas of medical and cloud technology.

Prior roles saw Michael as Managing Director of medical think tank BIOLAB, where he developed their concept and built a successful team who delivered ground breaking insights, patented technologies and disruptive therapy approaches. Previous still, at Biotronik, Michael was Vice President Software Development, responsible for the development of the world’s first CE and FDA approved remote patient management.

Together with an educational background in computer science and electrical engineering under his belt, Michael is also holder of 20 US and European patents in the field of medical devices and medical device security.

Markus Riester Photo

Dr. Markus Riester

Founder & Managing Director

Markus is passionate for innovative approaches to tricky challenges.

In 2013 he co-founded Multiphoton Optics, developing and marketing 3D-nanoprinting equipment for micro-optical and biological products. Markus had previous roles as Head of R&D, CTO, Senior Scientist and Technology consultant for companies like AT&S, Microsystems Technologies, Dyconex, Biolab, Motorola and IBM. Markus consulted the EU Commission in Future Emerging Technologies (FET): on the SME program and in DG Connect, in roles of an evaluator and reviewer; as vice chairman of the FET Innovation Launch Pad; and as an expert for Innovation Radar reviews.

In addition, he is an Advisory Board member for a bioprocessing startup. Markus holds a PhD in Chemistry, and an engineering degree in Chemical Technology and 12 patents in the field of printed circuit boards and optical assemblies, and medical diagnostic devices. He has received two awards for technical innovation and entrepreneurship.

Laura Henrich Photo

Laura Henrich

Chief Marketing Officer

Joining midge as Chief Marketing Officer, Laura is passionate about bringing digital care to market.

With years of expertise in the healthcare sector, Laura’s most recent position was held in the area of marketing and healthcare strategy at Vilua—a company with individual B2B prevention and care solutions for leading healthcare corporations, pharmaceutical and health insurance companies.

Before she has worked for leading agencies in the field of digital transformation, branding and communication and led cross-functional teams for international consumer brands like Ferrero, Volkswagen, and many others.

Her educational background in international business administration harmonizes her vision for innovative solutions at the intersection of healthcare and user-friendly technology. A regular lecturer at events and industry meetings, Laura is keen to share her knowledge and drive the future of digital health forward.

Rolando Gennari Photo

Rolando Gennari

Chief Financial Officer

Thorsten Helmert Photo

Thorsten Helmert

Chief Operating Officer

Thorsten is Chief Operating Officer of midge medical, based in Berlin, Germany.

His challenge is leading the company towards becoming a globally well-recognized business.

Prior to his current role, he spent 15 years with General Electric. Having started his career in the Netherlands with GE Plastics, he served in various operation leadership positions in several countries between the US and Japan, finishing his at GE Power Conversion as a Business Leader. He is well recognized for his strong commitment, delivery and creativity on building a world class operation.

His sporting nature and drive can be seen in his prior role as a competitive athlete and coach in Olympic sailing. Following this almost decade-long passion, he was a strong enabler of the coming generation in sport and business and his diverse skillset aids his entrepreneurial spirit. A native of Munich, Thorsten earned a Dipl.Ing. degree in renewable energies & energy technology from the University of Applied Sciences in Flensburg, Germany.

Wojciech Gaca Photo

Wojciech Gaca

Head of Software Engineering

With a solid background in software engineering, Wojciech joins midge as Head of Software Engineering.

His previous long-standing employment in this area made him an invaluable member of the OLX Group, where he was responsible for engineering teams to make OLX a safer and more trustworthy platform.

Putting users’ needs at the heart of his actions, Wojciech’s expertise stems from hands-on product management, building tools for faster, more reliable software.

His managerial expertise and technological prowess make him a savvy navigator in the transition from development to usability. An international player, Wojciech is familiar in managing teams across various time zones and is passionate in encouraging leadership.

Dr. Christian Wahnes Photo

Dr. Christian Wahnes

Chief Technology Officer

Christian shapes strategy at the intersection of technology, added value and transformation.

He’s a senior manager in the MedTech sector, and has profound experience in regulatory, R&D, quality and sourcing for class 2 & 3 devices, incl. analytical development.

Christian has designed successful strategies of more than 10 launches (orthopaedic, spine, and ventilation) on the technology side, managed a multitude of international registrations, and implemented effective cross-functional process-landscapes for two market leaders. His leadership skills include functional reorganizations, building structures from scratch, integration and development of teams, and implementation of company-wide project management and boards.

Entrepreneurial thinking has driven him to assignments heading corporate strategic innovations and managing new technologies. From studies at a number of international universities including ETH Zürich, as well as Mainz, Kyoto, and Bordeaux, his background consists of physical chemistry, large molecules and biomaterials. Christian holds a PhD from Johannes Guttenberg University of Mainz and a more recent MBA from Mannheim Business School and ESSEC.

Dr. Manfred Weidmann Photo

Prof. Dr. Manfred Weidmann

Head of Application Development

Manfred brings a wealth of experience in developing diagnostic assays for field use to midge medical.

As Professor of Virology at the University of Stirling, UK, he coordinated a Wellcome Trust project developing and providing mobile point of care diagnostic testing for the Ebola virus in Guinea during the epidemic in West Africa 2014-2016 together with his partners of the Institut Pasteur de Dakar, Senegal.

He is currently continuing this work in several EU funded projects and his experience in Virology is well documented in over a hundred publications. Manfred is also associate editor of Virology Journal since 2012, and a member of the European Society of Clinical Virology, and the Gesellschaft für Virologie, Germany.

He is the recipient of a Commendation of the Times Higher Education Award (2016), the Abbot Diagnostic Award (2003) and was shortlisted for the Heine Medin Award (2014).

Dr. Abd El Wahed Photo

Dr. Abd El Wahed

Senior Expert RNA Assay Development

Dr. Abd El Wahed studied veterinary medicine at Mansoura University, Egypt.

He received his PhD in biology from Goettingen University, Germany in 2011. In 2013, he was awarded the young investigator award from the ASTMH on the establishment of a mobile laboratory for rapid detection of hemorrhagic fever viruses at low resource settings.

He established a mobile suitcase laboratory for rapid detection of viruses, bacteria and parasites. The mobile setup was deployed in Guinea, Senegal, Uganda, DRC, Sudan, Nigeria, Egypt, Madagascar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh and Brazil. Dr. Abd El Wahed has research focuses on establishing point of need diagnostics and identifying novel immune markers for emerging and neglected infectious diseases.

Frida Arrey Photo

Frida Arrey, MSPH, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Frida is a humanized mouse model expert and bench scientist with more than 10 years experience in immunology and handling of bio level 2 and bio level 3 samples.

When not midge’s Scientific Advisor, she channels her scientific expertise as a Guest Scientist at the Max Planck Institute of Infection Biology in Berlin and consults on business development for various biotech and technology startups.

With a unique PhD thesis, Frida developed a humanized mouse model for pulmonary and disseminated tuberculosis.

Prior positions involved research at Rockefeller University, New York; and data management at Tulane University, New Orleans, with an MSPH in Public Health (Tropical Medicine emphasis) also from the latter. Frida has extensive background experience in flow cytometry and immunopathology, and a solid understanding of working in clinical, translational and industry drug consortium settings.

Arne Heissel Photo

Arne Heissel, PhD

Head of Market Access & Outcomes Research

Arne joins midge as Head of Market Access and Outcomes Research with more than 20 years of experience in academia, non-profit organizations and worldwide leading companies in the biotechnology and medical device industry.

He has studied at the University of Bayreuth, Germany and was a visiting graduate student at Princeton University, USA before he completed a post-doc research fellowship at the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR).

Holding a PhD in economics, Arne is an expert in clinical and health economic value creation and technology assessments.

His worldwide understanding of healthcare systems arises from invaluable positions co-designing large clinical and economic research projects to negotiating patient access to breakthrough innovations with governments, national and private payers and Health Technology Assessment Agencies.

Arne’s life mission is to offer innovative and disruptive solutions to help people to stay healthy or to heal.

Mirjam van Heek Photo

Mirjam van Heek

Head of Product

Mirjam has been a passionate Product Manager for over 8 years with a clear mission in creating absolute user delight.

She has vast experience in both the dynamic startup environment and in health agency. Mirjam has built award-winning products with well-known brands from the health insurance and international pharma industry. She is always striving to bring the lean, agile approach into traditional contexts.

Mirjam is an experienced team leader with a knack for servant leadership, believing in empowering teams with a clear mission as the key driver for true innovation.